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Capital Ramen Food Truck

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Japanese Ramen Noodles and Other Fine Cuisine


Pork Ramen $10

 Capital Stock, fresh noodle, roasted pork belly,

soy-mirin egg, green onions

Chicken Ramen $10

Capital Stock, fresh noodle, roasted chicken, soy-mirin egg,

green onions, chicken cracklings

 Rice Box $8

Nishiki rice, roasted pork belly, roasted chicken or skillet fried tofu

 soy-mirin egg, green onions, 1 side sauce

Rice Box Extra $10

Rice Box plus fresh cabbage, black sesame, toasted coconut, 2 side sauces

Wrap $10

flour tortilla grilled on cast iron

 roasted pork belly, roasted chicken or skillet fried tofu

fresh cabbage, green onions, black sesame, toasted coconut

 two side sauces

Side Sauces:

 soy chili, wasabi mustard, sweet and sour, spicy lime, white pepper ranch

skillet fried jalapenos $1

side of red chili flakes always free of charge!

Drinks $1

 pepsi, diet-pepsi, shwepps gingerale, orange crush, bottled water